16 August 2007

The Eyes Have It

"The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are good, your whole body will be full of light."
Matthew 19:24

Eyes are important. All the complexity of the created world and the works of man are apprehended through the eye. The eye can speak of our emotions and the condition of our spirit when the tongue is still. Through the eye we appreciate beautiful art, lovers, sunsets and flowers as well as ugliness and sorrow. The eye is a priceless part of our day-to-day lives, our work and our play. Just as we have physical eyes for the perception of physical reality, we also have spiritual eyes. The eye may be the window of the soul, but the spiritual eye is the soul itself. Through that eye we comprehend the truth and presence of another reality, unseen by most of us, yet just as real, perhaps more real. As the Apostles Peter, John and James were given a glimpse on Mount Tabor of Christ as he truly is, bathed in the uncreated light of God, so also our spiritual eye will see things as they truly are. All light.

10 August 2007

Chrysler Imperial, '63
A fine automobile in it's day, This massive touring car had the optional fold-out jump seat in the back seat, very plush upholstery and all the chrome knobs and doo-dads one could want inside a car. Even A/C. The massive 8 cyl. Hemi engine could still be restored by someone with enough knowlege and love to do so. Most of the usable body parts like the headlamp assemblies have been stripped for use on another auto. At least the salvaged parts will live on in a restored vehicle. Vandals have finished this project.
The back seat is full of beer bottles and the odor of rotting fabric and alley cat is not pleasant.

Somebody call a wrecker!

05 August 2007


that awful sound

beside the road

that piece of rock you cannot know

beside the road disguised as ground

the turban grins and hunkers down

the dervish twirls, spits and spins

the rag head thrusts the button in

the damn thing blew

the hummer flew

son of a bitch took my leg

04 August 2007


Strange as it may seem, I have many misgivings about this Blog stuff. Looking over all the blogs on the 'net, thousands of them, I see that they range from the most professional, commercialized, purpose-drives efforts to salacious, amateurish drivel....And everything in between. I have no intention of publishing a nekkid picture of my wife, or pix of my family vacation or granny on the tractor. I do hope, however, to make a few comments and observations that might be thought provoking or entertaining. I hope to be interesting. I am afraid of being less than discrete. After all, if you are going to blast friends, family, employer etc. you need to stay somewhat anonymous. Politics is another matter and one of these days I will get my body-politic soap box out. There is so much political blather out there that no one gives a hairy rats ass anyway. But, after 4 weeks there are exactly zero comments. Either the software she is a broken, or no one has read the stuff. At least one comment in deep sympathy for my bad grammer would be OK.