07 September 2007

Look Familiar?

Three Things

One of the most satisfactory aspects of my otherwise lackluster life is that of Parenthood. My wife has said that no one ever really "grows up" until they have children and I think she may be right.There is nothing like holding the security and wellness of another human being in your hands, literally, and knowing that it is your job to nurture and protect this person. This realization will help you get your priorities sorted out real fast! Or, at least it should.

Like every parent, I vowed like I would be the BEST parent there ever was. And of course I was wrong. I wasn't a perfect parent, not even a merely adequate parent, at times, but I always worked at it. Witnessing so many kids who seem to have no sense of self identity or place in the world, just a whiney, spoiled, "I am the center of the universe" perspective on life, I wanted my son to be a thoughtful man of good character who could look around in confidence and see where he was and who he is. So I boiled it down to a simple set of three axioms. Ethics, morality, spiritual insight are all informative platforms from which we operate in the complexity of the world, but my three axioms are bedrock principles of reality. Once you get this nailed down all else will come a little easier.

Recently during an conversation with my son about something or other I commented on the pointed focus of his remarks. He said, "Well, Dad, you're the one that taught me to think analytically". I didn't know I had, but I guess I did. I did the best I could. My son is a solid, stable man now who is building a life of his own now. He is a good man. I am proud of him. I thank God for him.

3 Things

Words have meaning.

Actions have consequences.

There is no such thing as a free lunch.

Think about it.