31 July 2008

El dolor del widget

You may have noticed the Spanish language Word of the Day widget sidebar. It was working fine and now it is not. The source website is up and running. I deleted and re-embeded the widget and still no words. The demo widget on the originating website isn't working either. Maybe they ran out of words. By the time I get this note up, the thing may be running.

How many words are their in the Spanish Language anyway?
In English?

Click on the widget title for the link to the Spanish teaching/translating website. I love the computer-generated voice thingey that pronounces the words for you. Sounds like Ricardo Montalban after a 3 martini lunch,

who by the way, was a Mexican, not a Spaniard, and is now deceased, God rest him. 1-2009

W. goes to Washington

Golly Gee, Beaver! This man makes
Bill Clinton look like a Rhodes Scholar!

07 July 2008


June 2008

The view along Marktstrasse in downtown Remagen as it is now. The Ludendorff bridge is long gone and the town remains a beautiful village on the banks of the Rhine. Many of the old buildings still stand and the town is a pleasant place to pass an afternoon in a bistro overlooking the river as you watch the cruise ships pass by.


March 7, 1945

Soldiers of the 9th armored Infantry rush through the town of Remagen on the west bank of the Rhine river as they dash to seize the Ludendorff railway bridge; the last intact bridge over the Rhine. Capture of the bridge and the establishment of a bridgehead on the east bank of the river was a significant achievement enabling the subsequent encirclement of the Ruhr valley and capture of approximately 300,000 German soldiers. The war was almost over.

06 July 2008

What is wrong with this picture?

I just noticed something in the picture posted yesterday that I hadn't notice before; something is significantly not as it should be in that photo. Can you spot it? Those of you with military service under your belt will get it right away.

05 July 2008

Happy Birthday, Papa

Somewhere in Germany, 1945

Robert Lloyd Mize
July 5, 1922 - March 11, 1988