13 March 2008

I luv Amerika!

The Legislature of the Commonwealth of Ky is in the process of passing legislation making cruelty to a dog or cat a felony crime instead of a misdemeanor as it is now. Hmm.

No one seems to be able to explain why the bill specifies dogs and cats. Someone from some society or such was quoted in the paper mumbling platitudes about how much we love our pets. Thats good to know. If I stab my dog with a pointey stick I can be thrown in the gaol, but if I slap a possum to death with a tire iron its not cruel?

I guess this makes sense in a nation where the very people who leave bequests to dog pounds and humane societies are loath to walk across the street to help a sticken derelict.

What part of "Waterboarding is torture" do you not understand?

Did you know?

George W. Bush