06 July 2007

What is it with the Weather?

Maybe I am getting old, but I have found myself saying of late, "This summer sure is not like the Summers I remember as a kid".
The wind! The Breeze! Have you noticed? Its been blowing steadily in the Bluegrass for 12 weeks now. Its blowing in the morning, blowing in the evening, and continues all night. A dry, hot breeze that sucks the life out of everything. The humidity is low. I feel like I am in Texas or Arizona or some other dessicated place. The daytime highs are normal, but because of the low humidity, the temperature plummets when the sun goes down; overnight temperatures in the low 60s have been the norm for the past month. Its like being in the desert. It wasn't like this years ago.
When I was a kid there was abundant rain, frequent summer showers and thunder storms. In the last 20 years extended summer dry spells have become the norm. Winters are warmer; snowfall is almost non-existent now. We had a sled when I was a little kid. Dont bother to buy one now. Winter used to start in November, now it starts in late December. Everything is akilter.

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