03 October 2007

Words have meaning.

Words have meaning. Communication. Intelligence. Signification. Symbolic logic verbally communicated.

We are surrounded with words from television, words from radios and satellites, CDs and MP3s, and the babble of the madding crowd. Thousands of words assault us every day from speakers and screens and from the mouths of other people. We hear words in music videos and "reality shows" (which are mostly not-real), in magazines, books, bill boards and bumper stickers. A great deal of what you read/hear is carefully groomed by marketing devils to convey a particular message or nuance of meaning. They cannot be relied on. A lot of these words you hear/read are half true; some are patently false designed to manipulate opinion and position. They convey bad messages and generally teach that what you say doesn't matter. You can say anything you want to. No worries, mate.

But...Our Words do have meaning and are not spoken in a vacuum. Words convey intention, fact, mood, belief. If you say something it means something. It might mean you are stupid, or that you are a jerk, or it might mean you are a liar, but it will mean something, even if it is only negative testimony to your character or veracity. Words can hurt, end relationships, lose jobs, lower grades, alienate others, land your butt in Gaol and generally make a mess of things. Once spoken, words cannot be called back. I wonder how many millions of times someone has said, "Gee, I wish I hadn't said that"? Freedom of expression is not a license to babble without consequence. The sooner someone learns this the better off they will be.


Maria said...

The consequence end of personal expression is the part that most people miss, but it's the hinge upon which freedom bends. Responsibility- not a popular word in this culture, but one we ought to be familiar with, given the extent of personal freedom in this country.

Thanks for your thoughts, John Nicholas.


John Nicholas said...

Exactly. You've heard the saying, "Your rights go only so far as the end of your nose," I am sure. And that freedom of speech (freedom of expression,these days) is not license to yell "Fire" in a crowded theatre.
True, but primarily in the sense of civic responsibility and accountability. These things apply in the closer circle of personal responsibility and accountability, as well. "Not one jot or tittle will pass away.." We all have much to repent of.