21 September 2008


I am still fooling around with sizes and resolutions for posting
scans of artwork on the web; don't have much experience there.

This is just a little watercolor doodle, about 4 X 5.5 inches on unidentified paper.
Thought I had better put something up or everyone would think I am dead
or something worse, like turned Democrat.


Maria said...

Hey, JN, I may be wrong, but I think Blogger automatically resizes pictures. I usually upload the full-sized image, so that if people are interested in seeing it, they can just click on the resized image in the post.


John Nicholas said...

Yes, I believe you are so correct, but I am concerned about uploading a high-res file straight from an 8 mp camera. I don't want the linear dimensions of the file to exceed usable size of the average monitor, i.e. you shouldn't have to scroll to see the whole thing at highest resolution. In this case the original is a lot smaller than that.

p.s. I voted for you. :>)