07 December 2009

QR c o d e

This is a QR code which stands for "quick recognition". Functions like a bar code only with more information content. You commonly see it in the United States on United Parcel Service package labels for tracking purposes. Each box has its unique number and shipping information stored in this graphic device which is cheaply and quickly generated by an ink-jet label printer.
Apparently, these symbols are becoming quite common in Europe and are finding new applications every day. One application might be electronic coupons on packaging or billboards. Snap a picture with your cellphone which has a QR app, of course, and route the credit to your Pay Pal account for your next on-line purchase. Or, forget the note pad and paper; electronically capture a URL, phone number etc that you want to remember by using your phone to snap a picture, decode and store the info. You can easily create you own codes for labeling property or advertising.

Here a few internet QR code generators to play with:

(Thanks to blog Rene Plein Air for the links)

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